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Work Injuries

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Colorado Work Injury Lawyer

You may be questioning whether you want to hire a Colorado work injury lawyer for your case.  Whether it’s necessary depends upon how severe the injury is, how the insurance company is acting in their dealings with you, and how your employer reacts to it.  If your injury is minor and clearly occurred while at work, you will likely not need to hire a lawyer.  You can take the time off to recover under Worker’s Compensation.

On the other hand, if your injury is serious, or if the insurance company or your employer seem to be trying to avoid assisting you or making it seem like the injury is your fault, you may want to get a lawyer involved.

In the case of more serious, long-term injuries that occurred on the job, your employer may be reluctant to take responsibility for ongoing medical treatment and bills that affect you.  In these cases, things may get adversarial and complicated to navigate.  This is when having a Colorado work injury lawyer would behoove you.

If your workplace injuries will affect you for the rest of your life, it will be costly and the employer may try to avoid paying for your treatment if they can help it.  If there is a question as to your permanent disability status or you are not able to work in the same capacity that you would have been before the injury, a work injury lawyer will help you recover damages from your employer so that you can stay afloat financially and not have to suffer more than you already have.

If you are having a hearing, either because your claim is denied or your employer is not suggesting reasonable amounts to settle, an experienced work injury lawyer will help you through the legal process of Worker’s Compensation.  Having to represent yourself on top of healing from your injuries is a lot of stress and time for you that could be directed to your health and ease of mind.  Instead, an experienced work injury attorney can advocate for you, with your input.

Other areas where having a work injury lawyer on your side would help are if you had a condition prior to the accident that is worsened as a result of the accident, or if your employer is delaying your treatment.  In these cases, the company may try to say that they are not liable for an already existing injury, even if they exacerbated it.  An experienced work injury attorney will understand Colorado law and be able to argue on your behalf that any injury your employer may be liable for, whether pre-existing or not, is still an injury nonetheless, and they could owe you money for that.  Additionally, if your employer is not making an effort to find you care in a timely manner, a work injury lawyer who is knowledgeable about your rights can push the issue to ensure that you get the care that you need.

What is Worker’s Compensation (WC)?

Worker’s Compensation is a service that is offered to most Coloradoans through their employers.  It is insurance, paid for by the employer, in case of workplace injuries to employees.  For the injured person, Worker’s Compensation allows injury-related expenses to be paid soon after they occur by the employer.  For the employer, meanwhile, it gives them an idea of the rough cost they would have to pay in the event of common job-related injuries.

However, employers may be reluctant to pay, to their full extent, Worker’s Compensation claims brought by their employees.  In these cases, to get out of paying what the injury is actually worth, an employer may deny facts about the injury, like that an employee was injured on location or that an employee actually required the medical care they are claiming they did.

Who Is Affected by Worker’s Compensation Cases?

By and large, Worker’s Compensation applies to different industries.  Notable exceptions where Worker’s Compensation does not apply are for:

  • Independent Contractors
  • Part-time domestic and maintenance work (<40 hours a week)
  • Real estate agents and brokers working on commission
  • Ski area operator volunteers
  • Certain commercial drivers
  • Federal and Railroad employees

Other than that, Worker’s Compensation should apply and be provided through your employer.  Workplace injuries cover a large area.  There is not necessarily a common workplace injury since what might happen has to do with the industry you work in.  While certain professions may be more at-risk for work injuries, like jobs involving manual labor, anyone can be injured while at work.

Mansorian Law Group Colorado Work Injury Law Firm

If the above sounds like your situation, and you’re questioning if you should hire a work injury accident lawyer, you’re probably also wondering how to know which lawyer is right for you.

In making your decision, consider your safety and peace of mind.  Ideally, a work injury lawyer would relieve your stress—not add to it.  When looking for a work injury lawyer, make sure to hire one who takes a personalized approach and considers the best option for your specific case.  Cases can last for months if not years, so make sure your work injury lawyer is reputable and committed.

When looking for a lawyer, ask yourself:

  • How long have the lawyer(s) been practicing attorneys?
  • Does the firm have experience with this type of case?
  • How often do they try versus settle cases?
  • What kind of results do they get for their clients?
  • What reputation do they have in the legal community?

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