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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

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Colorado Hernia Mesh Lawyer

If you had a hernia repair surgery that used hernia mesh and have had complications or required repeated surgeries since then, you may be eligible for a hernia mesh claim.  If the manufacturer of your hernia mesh is listed on this website, the FDA has identified it as a recalled medical device and you may be liable if you are experiencing symptoms of hernia mesh complications.

Claims are being brought because, following surgeries to repair hernias which used hernia mesh, thousands of patients have experienced serious conditions which have resulted from everything from mild, occasional discomfort to death.

What Is A Hernia Mesh

A hernia is when an organ, intestine, or fatty tissue comes through weakened surrounding tissue and creates a bulge.  Hernias commonly occur on the edge of the abdomen but can also be found in the groin, thigh, belly button, or at scar sites.  It is commonly caused by pressure, which may result from obesity, overexertion, heavy lifting, frequent coughing or sneezing, poor nutrition, or smoking.

Hernia mesh is used in 90% of hernia surgeries.  It is surgically implanted into a patient to support tissue around the hernia while it heals.  Depending on the material of the hernia mesh, it can degrade over time or be a permanent implant.  If the hernia mesh is made from animal byproducts, it absorbs into the body over time.  If it is made from synthetic material, it will stay in the body forever.

A Brief History Of Hernia Mesh

Hernia mesh has been in use in surgeries since 1891.  Since that time, post-op complications have been an issue with hernia mesh.  In the recent past, several manufacturers of hernia mesh have been recalled due to issues they have presented in patients.  C.R. Bard recalled Kugel Mesh from 2005-2007 for possibly causing bowel obstruction.  The FDA called for Atrium to halt production of C-QUR after being linked to several infections in 2015.  Ethicon took Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh off the market and told hospitals to return any unused products in 2016 after recurrence and fatalities associated with their hernia mesh.

Symptoms that occur after surgeries at a higher rate with hernia mesh include:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Organ laceration
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Obstructed bowels
  • Scar tissue binding to organ walls (adhesion)
  • Migration
  • Chronic Pain
  • Rejection by the body

Beyond these causes of hernia mesh, the mesh itself twisting inside the body can also create complications. There has not been a mass torts case against any of these manufacturers, but there have been notable recoveries, with C.R. Bard settling over 11,000 cases related to Kugel Mesh in 2011 and awarding $184 million.

Why You Should Hire A Colorado Hernia Mesh Lawyer

At Mansorian Law Group, our experienced attorneys have many years of experience litigating cases dealing with Products Liability and medical conditions.  Since hernia mesh cases involve both of these aspects of the law, we are familiar with how to support you through this trying time in your life.  If you have been experiencing any of the above-listed symptoms associated with defective hernia mesh, there are enough things on your plate as is.  With our assistance, you can focus on your personal recovery and leave your financial recovery to us.

Personal Injury cases can be complicated and there are often several people involved, from the different healthcare providers you see, to insurance providers for you and the other side, to outside companies hired by health insurance companies who are seeking payments from you.  This is confusing to navigate, but with our experience, we understand how to do this.  We take the time to individualize the treatment in your case, which helps you net more money at the end of this process.

Additionally, we understand how this type of case functions.  We have had success in the past with representing clients with hernia mesh claims and getting them as much money back as possible in their cases.  We understand the medical implications of defective hernia mesh, the current medical literature on the subject, and how to represent this in a settlement or lawsuit so that you may collect as much as possible.

If you would like to have a lawyer discuss details of your case in a free initial consultation, fill out the form found on this page.

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