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Bus Accidents

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Colorado Bus Accident Lawyer

A bus accident is an accident involving a public transportation bus.  In bus accidents, a number of unsuspecting civilians can be injured as a result of taking public transportation.

Why Differentiate Between a Car Accident and a Bus Accident?

Since the mass and weight of buses carrying several passengers is greater than that of regular cars on the road, the damage done in these accidents is typically much greater than if the cars involved had been similar sizes.  For this reason, the injuries caused by bus accidents can often be more severe than those of a car accident.

Depending on the type of bus, buses can be owned by the state or by private companies.  This complicates legal proceedings as compared with a car accident because there may be several players involved other than the at-fault driver when determining liability.  Moreover, if the bus accident was caused by a mechanical system failure like the brakes giving out, the company that manufactured the brakes may be liable.

Buses legally fall under a category called a common carrier because they are for public transportation. Included in this category are school buses, taxis, trains, light-rail, airport shuttles, and so on.  Because buses are in this category and are offering a paid service to the public, the duty of care and what is expected of a bus driver is different than that of a driver of a car in a car accident.

Common Injuries as a Result of a Bus Accident in Colorado

Even minor bus accidents can result in injuries. It’s important that you get the best Colorado bus accident lawyer after a car accident so they can help you with the next steps and get you the compensation you deserve.

Common bus accident injuries are:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Sprains, strains, and muscle tears

Since a bus does not have seatbelts and is high off the ground, buses are more likely than other vehicles to roll during an accident and passengers are more likely to be thrown around the inside of the bus, which adds to the severity of bus injuries.

Mansorian Law Group Colorado Bus Accident Lawyer

If the above sounds like your situation, you may be questioning if you should hire a bus accident lawyer, and if so, how to know which lawyer is right for you. In making your decision, consider your safety and peace of mind.  Ideally, a bus accident lawyer would relieve your stress—not add to it.  When looking for a bus accident lawyer, make sure to hire one who takes a personalized approach and considers the best option for your specific case.  Cases can last for months if not years, so make sure your bus accident lawyer is reputable and committed.

When looking for a lawyer, ask yourself:

  • How long have the lawyer(s) been practicing attorneys?
  • Does the firm have experience with this type of case?
  • How often do they try versus settle cases?
  • What kind of results do they get for their clients?
  • What reputation do they have in the legal community?

Can I Handle My Bus Accident Case Without A Lawyer?

Traffic accidents that result in injuries and fatalities are on the rise in Colorado.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident, a bus accident lawyer can help. Bus accident injuries range in terms of severity, but they almost always cost money and peace of mind. A Colorado bus accident lawyer will be able to evaluate your case, make a claim against the responsible party, and get you on the path to recovery.

The law and insurance policies can be difficult enough to navigate without also dealing with personal injury or loss. Let a Colorado bus accident lawyer handle everything from negotiating with insurance companies to presenting evidence in court, if your case comes to that.

Although bus accidents are not very common, people are often not well prepared for the day they are injured in one.

Bus accidents cost a lot of money. Between damages to your vehicle, damages to your property inside your vehicle, medical bills, and the time you missed at work, you could be looking at a devastating loss.  A Colorado bus accident lawyer may be able to help you recover these damages, while also negotiating with the insurance companies. 

Bus accidents, and navigating the aftermath of them, are stressful enough.  Rather than having to worry about battling for getting money back, leave it to us so you can focus on your recovery. 

Requirements for a Personal Injury Claim after a Bus Accident in Colorado

In order to file a personal injury claim in Colorado, your claim must meet the following requirements:

  1. There must be an identifiable at-fault driver
  2. You must have bodily injuries
  3. A medical professional must have your injuries documented
  4. You must be able to prove that your injuries are a result of the accident

Once you have all of the above information it’s time to call the best Colorado bus accident lawyer, if you haven’t already. It’s advised that you consult with a lawyer before giving a recorded statement, written statement, or signing any insurance papers. 

Damages That Can Be Recovered After a Bus Accident in Colorado

There are two types of damages that a distracted driving accident lawyer can recover for you after you’ve been in a crash:

  1. Economic damages – this refers to medical expenses, loss of wages, and any additional costs that are related to how your injuries alter your life.
  2. Non-economic damages – this generally refers to pain and suffering; damages that occur as a result of your (or a loved one’s) physical and non-physical injuries.

In order to have medical expenses paid, you will need to give your bus accident lawyer a copy of your medical records, tests, prescriptions, etc.

To have your wages reimbursed, you will have to provide your bus accident lawyer with a recent tax return or recent pay stubs so they can verify your income.

Hiring a Bus Accident Lawyer in Colorado

It’s always a good idea to call a bus accident lawyer in Colorado, especially if there are serious damages to you, a loved one, or your property. A bus accident can seriously alter your life in the blink of an eye. The best Colorado bus accident lawyer will be able to help get you what you need to live a healthy and comfortable life. Let one of our Colorado bus accident lawyers help you. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, complete the “Contact Me Now” information available on this page.

What to Do After a Bus Accident in Colorado

The steps you take after you’ve been involved in a bus accident in Colorado are crucial because they determine the future of your claim.

  • Wait for emergency services. Medical personnel will evaluate you when they arrive
  • Do not leave the scene or touch any evidence
  • Take photos of the vehicles involved in the accident, road conditions, debris, traffic signals, signage – anything that could be pertinent to building a case
  • Exchange insurance information with the other involved driver(s)
  • File a police report
  • Don’t speak to any insurance agents until you get the best bus accident lawyer

Do You Have A Case?

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