Truck Collisions

Like most people, you probably keep your distance from large trucks on the road. They are collision prone vehicles which cause nightmare scenarios in a crash. In fact, there were 180,000 truck crashes that caused severe injury in 2016, and more than 4,000 fatalities

If you’ve suffered physical injuries or loss of property in a trucking collision, one of many parties may be at fault. The driver, the trucking company, or even the manufacturer, depending on the circumstances. At Porya Mansorian and Associates, we understand the pain and confusion that comes with a crash of such magnitude, and we want to help you identify the responsible party so that you can recover what you are owed, and so that trucking companies and manufacturers are held to standards that prevent it from happening to anyone else.

Truck collisions are often caused by impaired or sleep-deprived truck drivers, faulty truck mechanics, or a lack of safety regulations which leave accidents ready to happen. Truckers are often hired without background checks, speed, or drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication. Trucks are poorly maintained or carry unsafe loads. Therefore, taking legal action is not only a question of personal restitution for the victim as an individual, but of ethical responsibility to ensure that other don’t suffer the same fate as yourself in the future.

At Porya Mansorian and Associates, we will fight to recover the full amount of compensation you are owed for a truck related collision.

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